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Northeast Fireshield Inc

Habeeb Capital is excited to announce that we have completed our first acquisition today.
Habeeb Capital has completed a full buyout of Northeast Fireshield Inc. We are excited about this acquisition and this is going to be a major anchor for our portfolio. Northeast Fireshield Inc is a privately owned corporation, founded in 1989, Northeast Fireshield is the distributor and licensed applicators for Inspecta-Shield Plus™. The company has extensive experience in the fire retardant treatment of homes, commercial business including places of public assembly such as schools, colleges, restaurants, resorts, hotels, and airplane interiors. Services include dry cleaning, pre-spotting & flame retarding; rigging and repairs; and assistance in renovation projects. All treatments follow a strict quality control process – are performed by trained and certified applicators that will issue a Certificate of Flame proofing on completion.

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